Prexil Review

Prexil Review


The makers of Prexil operate out of Canada and provide a product to address a condition that over 40% of men deal with either chronically or at some point in their life: premature ejaculation. The mission statement of Prexil is to dramatically increase your sexual stamina, strengthen orgasm intensity, and reduce recovery time. They meet some of these objectives, though the results leave a bit to be desired.


Why Choose Prexil

Some confusing aspects of the company’s promises include the ambiguity about whether Prexil is a permanent solution for P.E. (as many of its competitors are) or if the user must continue taking pills indefinitely to enjoy the results. It is stated that reducing the dosage to a “maintenance level” of 1 capsule every 1-3 days will keep testosterone, serotonin, and performance levels stable after four to six months of consistent use. Another ambiguous claim is about the immediacy of the drug’s effects. The claims range from “immediately” to “a few weeks” to “2-3 months”. In our trials, the results were in the middle, with the effects reaching their maximum around week 3 of usage, and leveling off from there on. The increase in duration during sex was around 10 min per session, though the experience of multiple “sessions” rarely ever occurred.


Prexil Pricing

The purchasing process for Prexil was straightforward and discrete and they emphasize their 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed money back refund should you find, within 60 days, that their product is not the one for you. The price tag for Prexil, however, is pretty steep, especially considering the delay in seeing results. Compared to the best value available on the market you can expect to pay around 50% more for Prexil at $68.95 for a 1-month supply, up to $398.95 for 1 year.


Prexil Review Final Thoughts

Prexil is a premature ejaculation remedy that addresses this all-too common male condition, and lives up to its claims for the most part. It is not the most effective product available, and it turns out to be one of the most expensive options for unclear reasons. You will see results with Prexil, but you will have to be patient and you would do well to keep your expectations moderate.