Pro Extender Review

Pro Extender Review


The Pro Extender System is another JES Extender offshoot and it is essentially the JES Extender repackaged with a different name and the inclusion of curious side aids to penis enlargement. The Pro Extender is packaged, in its standard kit, with supplemental pills intended for use in a “4-pronged approach” that also includes required exercises. The Pro Extender System advertises and boasts great results, and the product definitely works, though this reviewer was skeptical that the “system” involving pills or exercises made much of a difference. Compared to other penis extenders, for example, the speed and overall growth was the same despite Pro Extender System’s claims of “breakthroughs”.


Prepare for a Complex, Wholistic System

The Pro Extender System may appeal to those seeking to increase their size who are willing to put an exceptional amount of time, money, and effort into it. Unpacking the box it became a lot to swallow, it was well past just learning about a device you wear in your leisure time. The DVD has an exercise routine that you are supposed to match with use of the device – and then there’s also the pills. The system seems comprehensive, but for buyers looking for a simpler, more straightforward solution we recommend you look elsewhere.


Payoff for the Extra Efforts?

As previously stated, we detected no advantage to the addition of pills or exercises to either the speed or the inches that using the Pro Extender System provided, not when compared to other penis extenders OR in a parallel test we conducted between one subject using the Pro Extender System device on its own and another using the entire Pro Extender System “4-pronged approach”. Of course, as with all penis extenders, “results may vary”, but given our staff’s familiarity reviewing and testing penis enlargement methods we remain skeptical that Pro Extender System’s combination scheme offers any gains over plain old penile tension methods.


Pro Extender Review Final Thoughts

The Pro Extender System models run from $299-$429, and the quality of the extender itself seems to be lacking compared to higher-end models like the Quick Extender Pro or the Size Genetics extenders. The inclusion of pills seems to come at the expense of a sturdier build to the mechanical extender, and added to this is the fact that the Pro Extender System can cause soreness above and beyond the more comfort-oriented models.