“Earth Lover” Getting a Completely New Meaning

There are some weird, ridiculous, and borderline offensive sexual fetishes, and we are not sure which group ecosexuals should belong. On one hand, what these individuals

do usually does not hurt anyone, but at the same time, this sexual subculture raises some valid questions and concerns. Whatever the case may be, ecosexuality is one of the new fads and one that’s unlikely to go away anytime soon.

What Are We Talking About?

EcoSexualityMany people profess their love for the Earth. In fact, they do it in a multitude of ways. Some take up environmental work and devote their money and time to help a cause they deem worthy. Others go into politics to make a change, and then there are people, who make sweet love to a tree. That is right, ecosexuals take caring for the planet to a completely new level, some would argue a little bit excessively.

Everything You Need to Know

The ecosexual movement has been around since 2000, but only recently started to gain traction, and that is probably a good choice of word, if we go by the definition provided by Amanda Morgan. One of the faculty members at School of Community Health Sciences described ecosexuals as people who want to engage in coitus with trees before they roll around on the ground, enjoying their orgasm. That is strange on its own, but if there is a weirder aspect of ecosexuality, it’s the collective thought process behind it.

They Think They Actually Help

Ecosexuals think that their activities positively affect nature. They do not consider it to be a fetish, but instead a legitimate way of countering environmental problems. They figure that by making love to a tree or the ground, they help Mother Nature and the planet itself. In addition to penetrative sex, ecosexuals have other antics like burying themselves in dirt, or talk dirty to plants. For them, this is all about connection. By establishing actual, physical contact of the sexual nature, they feel they get the closest to Mother Nature. That spiritual aspect is present in many religions and beliefs, but the vast majority of people find the sexual aspects to be anything from weird to outright hideous.

A Bathhouse

In 2014, ecosexuals celebrated the first establishment that catered to their profile. That was the year when Ian Sinclair and Loren Kronemyer opened their bathhouse at the Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens. Among other weird accessories, they made finger condoms available, so the guests could engage in some weird foreplay with the soil, including different kinds of foliage like moss, grass or even flowers. According to those, who enjoy the lifestyle, these activities are all about connection, and not necessarily sexuality. From the outside, it does not feel like it. For example, couples can engage in a three-way with nature, using its many wonders to enhance their sexual experience.

In addition to traditional sex where penetration occurs, they can also bury themselves using dirt or play around in the mud, embracing the whole nature experience. This involves a lack of clothing and passionate dancing. The whole endeavor feels tribal, with some modern dancing and singing thrown in here and there. The two founders of the bathhouse admitted that they are not supporting a mainstream movement, but they also feel that the place can help many people enjoy their connection with Mother Earth. Those, who engage in these activities, reportedly feel happier and healthier, both emotionally and physically.

A New Idea People Still Have to Get Used To

Some people think ecosexuals don’t hurt anyone with their activities, but the majority of opinions are rather negative. Loving nature and taking care of it admirable, and the critics think that sexual activities directly oppose that notion. Whatever the case may be, ecosexuality is a topic that will be heavily debated in the next couple of years.