ProSolution Plus Reviews

Prosolution Plus Review


Premature ejaculation and interrupted or abbreviated sex is a specific problem and those of us who struggle with it need a specific, targeted solution. Prosolution Plus is more of a Jack-of-all-trades/master-of-none male enhancement that claims especially strong performance in dealing with early ejaculation control issue. But, presumably on the basis of its extra functions, it stands as one of the most expensive early ejaculation treatments.  I put Prosolution Plus through the rigors of extensive trials for my chronic struggle with early ejaculation issues and have determined that while it is a decent treatment, it has a lot of improvement to make.

The greatest thing Prosolution Plus has going for it is its experience in the industry, even as it has changed its name and rebranded itself over the years. Prosolution Plus is the result of a development project undertaken by the company in an attempt to match the effectiveness of other top supplements. As part of their new rollout, it seems they have also changed the combinations of extracts in their formula – some of the ingredients featured on their website are even flagged as “new”.


A Full Package, But Does It Deliver?

The shipping of Prosolution Plus was fine, as it arrived in unmarked packaging in fair time. I was disappointed to realize that it’s yet another 2-pill a day system (why can’t most companies streamline their dosage to one pill?) and that much of the support and information on the product and its intake can only be accessed through a restricted website that requires a log in to remember. There are notable bonuses that come with the product, including a gel, and while these produced some effect in terms of enhancing my erection, I bought the product to address my ejaculation control problem – which it advertised as doing – and in this regard they had no effect. The pills themselves took a few weeks to show effects, and the effects were noticeable but not astounding (from ~2 minutes to climax before Prosolution Plus and up to 6-8 minutes after a couple months).


Not the Most Precise Solution

A very good option from Prosolution Plus is the 67 day money-back guarantee, so if you spent as much money as I did and you feel that the pills don’t provide you with the control you’re seeking over your climax, you can get your refund (just be sure to read the terms and conditions very carefully). Prosolution Plus is a promising yet unfulfilled product that may be of interest to men looking to experiment with a general male enhancement to see what they can improve about their sex life, but of minimal use to those of us focused on dealing exclusively with early ejaculation.