Performer 5 Review

Performer 5 Review


Performer 5 is a male enhancement supplement that focuses on increasing libido, performance, duration, and puts special emphasis on intensifying climaxes and increasing ejaculate amount. These targets are somewhat limited compared to other products in the male enhancement market, many of whom promise improvement of your erection in both size and strength, increased control, and a host of other sexual performance improvements. With that in mind, we put extra attention on Performer 5’s top aims to determine if its specialization gave it an edge worth recommending to those buyers seeking a boost in their ejaculation volume and potency.


Why Choose Performer 5

Performer 5’s unique formula has a variety of safe natural herbs and nutrients. While many of these ingredients are known to increase blood flow, promote good circulation and muscle control, none are confirmed as having a positive effect on Performer 5’s main claim, the increase in semen production. So perhaps the promised surge in volume results from the fine-tuned combination of ingredients? Well, in our tests the results were mixed. Across several months of testing our staff saw an increase in semen production per ejaculation, but no one reached the claimed magic “5 times” more than previous emissions. The best results were about maybe double, which is still good, but Performer 5’s results in the cumulative categories of male enhancements lagged behind its competitors in the market.


Performer 5 Pricing

Performer 5 costs $65.95 for a 1-month supply. We find that amount to be overpriced considering the fact that its top competition is more effective and are available for ~$50. The marketing is slick and simple for Performer 5, but you aren’t really getting your money’s worth while other options exist that out-perform and undercut this product.


Performer 5 Review Final Thoughts

With a focus on increased semen production and its unique formula, Performer 5 is an adequate, but niche male enhancement supplement that may be of interest to the guys looking specifically to double their load and extend their climaxes, but less useful to those seeking a comprehensive improvement to their sexual experience and performance levels.