Extenze Review

Arrival to Arousal


ExtenZe is a notorious pill for male enhancement with rivaling reputations for widespread success and scandal. The company claims “billions of pills sold” with the implication that many satisfied customers exist out there. Our experience with the supplement was positive but less dramatic than the top options in the field. The main promise is an increase in your penis size, with improved erection quality and performance effects being vaguely mentioned. We put the pills to the test and collected results to determine just what you can expect with a purchase of ExtenZe, and whether the reality tips more towards the success or the scandal they’re so well-known for.

The ordering process was straightforward and despite rumors of duplicate shipping and redundant billing, we had no such problem receiving our ExtenZe order. One convenient aspect of ExtenZe is that it is a 1-pill-a-day formula, which we can appreciate. It was some days before we felt any effects from the “maximum strength male enhancement”, but eventually most of us who reviewed the pill were able to notice an increase in the firmness of erection.


The Facts of Extenze's Effects

With ExtenZe’s emphasis on size, I took care to measure my hardest possible erection beforehand, to ensure the effects of ExtenZe would be taken into proper account. Over the course of several weeks, I can note a slight increase in the girth of my erection, but certainly not anything approaching the 27% mentioned in their top estimates.


Extenze Review Final Thoughts

ExtenZe is another mid-range product in the field of male enhancement supplements. You’ll see faster, more dramatic results from our top choice and the only reason we can see to go with ExtenZe is if you haven’t been exposed to the top alternatives.