JES Extender Review

JES Extender
Pros and Cons of Being an Established Brand


The Jes Extender is one of the very first penis extenders and its track record over many years has helped to lay a foundation for an entire market. With its age come the benefits and shortcomings of being around for a while. There are millions of trusting, satisfied customers loyal to Jes Extender, but at the same time the industry has seen a lot of innovation since the Jes Extender came out. Jes Extender definitely set a trend for design, but it has also remained fossilized in its original form. Jes Extender has been retooled and rebranded under different names, some of which you’ll recognize if you’ve been shopping for penis extenders. These spinoffs have their own quirks, and seem to be the company’s outlet for innovative experimentation rather than advancing their original device.


From Original to Ordinary

The Jes Extender was pioneered from Denmark, and still ships from there to this day. Expect to add shipping, and customs charges, to your overall expenses when considering the Jes Extender. Extra expenses will be a repeating theme with the Jes Extender, in fact. What you get when you open the discrete brown package is a nicely finished product. The Jes Extender is fit well into a compact wooden box. You get the unit, a couple extension rods, instructional DVD and the rather outdated single strap apparatus.


JES Extender Price Range

There’s nothing in the way of extras included, so it’s worth noting that you’ll be out of luck if you need replacement parts or were hoping for bonuses at the rather high asking price of the Jes Extender (the prices range from $239 to a whopping $1399, leaving budget customers in the cold).


JES Extender Review Final Thoughts

With regular use of the Jes Extender, it will do what it says it can do for you. You won’t get the fastest results, and the design of penis extenders has clearly moved forward since this product blazed its trail 10-15 years ago, but there is no denying that the Jes Extender set down a working formula when it repurposed the idea of constant penile tension from a post-surgical rehab technique to a general-use penis extension method. Once the only choice, Jes Extender is now a reliable choice, but there are better options out there.