Male Edge Extender Review

Male Edge Extender
Cutting Your Budget


Manufacturers are continually adding to the pioneering field penis extenders. Male Edge Extender aims to empower a modern man to correct the cheap job nature may have done for his endowment. Penis extenders vary in their size and shape, their packaging options, and their functional focus. Male Edge claims to address both growth and curvature correction at a bare bones price, and that is an accurate term to summarize their product: bare bones. Male Extender offers the simplest package at the lowest cost – but not without notable shortcomings. It makes the top of our reviews due to its value, just don’t expect the extras, support, or high-grade materials present in the very top-end products.


Growing Pains

The product does work, as this reviewer was able to mark an increase in size after regular use, however (and here is the main drawback with the Male Edge) it is very important to note that the flat strap used to secure the end of your penis has a tendency to trap moisture and even pinch. This has a variety of unfavorable effects including the need for shorter periods of use – and consequently slower growth results – and an unfavorable smell that can come about from the moisture.


Cutting Your Budget

We received the Male Edge from its manufacturer in Denmark after waiting for a week and paying the customs fee to open a box containing a very compact, stylish packaging scheme. The Male Edge is a sleek looking unit, though the all-plastic construction is notably less firm than an aluminum model such as the Quick Extender Pro.  It’s very lightweight which is good, but we got the uneasy feeling that if we pushed the device too far it might snap, so perhaps the expectations for overall gains with this device may be kept low.


Male Edge Final Thoughts Review

The Male Edge does provide results. It may not be the most comfortable or the highest quality model, but if you are willing to endure a bit of discomfort and you have the patience to hold out for the results you need, you can spare your wallet a bit and go with the Male Edge Extender.