PrematureX Review

PrematureX Review


Prematurex ReviewAs the member of the staff here at SexHealthMagazine who has suffered a particular problem with premature ejaculation it was my task to cover the available products that deal with this issue.  After putting plenty of brands through the paces with thorough, controlled testing I can say without question that PrematureX is the answer you’re looking for.

We all want to last longer in bed whether you’re like me and have trouble containing your ejaculation past a couple minutes, or if you’re a 10-minute sprinter looking to take on marathon sessions. PrematureX opens all doors and importantly brings calm and rock-solid control to the sex with your partner, freeing you to focus on the actual love-making instead of desperately seeking distraction the whole time in order to avoid blowing it too soon.

The product has a comprehensive money-back guarantee and customer support was knowledgeable, easy to contact, and very friendly – they make it their single mission to specialize in premature ejaculation. PrematureX states the product works for 98% of customers, and even if you do happen to be in the unlucky extreme minority the only inconvenience you face is to redeem your entire money back.


Sexhealth Magazine's rating for PrematureX*

  • Performance
  • 10
  • Rated #1 for performance
  • Reaction
  • 9.5
  • Reaction time was after a few doses and gradually intensified
  • Potency
  • 9.8
  • Extremely potent formula leading to almost immediate reaction time
  • Pricing
  • 10
  • Starting at $49.99 and available for as low as $25 a box for a 12 month supply, PrematureX is very competitively priced for a supplement that’s made in the USA
  • Safety
  • 10
  • Made in the USA. The company has a proven track record for safety
  • Manufacturing
  • 10
  • The manufacturing is done in the USA under GMP certified conditions
  • Discretion
  • 10
  • Billing was discreet. Only a string of numbers appeared on our credit card statement
  • Shipping was also discreet, the product came in an unmarked box with no indication or clue of what was inside
  • Shipping
  • 10
  • Several shipping options available for local and international deliveries
  • Fair price to service ratio

All the Pros, Zero Cons

What PrematureX brings to the table is the best qualities of all the other products that deal with this issue and none of the drawbacks. The company is based in the USA, where product is made and shipped from, and it is GMP Certified. Shipping is discrete and quick, of course, and the packaging is nicely done. The results out of the bottle are noticeable in the first few days.*

PrematureX is a simple, one pill a day treatment for the rather complex and involved problem of climaxing too early. The causes of this widespread syndrome in men can be many and mixed, from poor health to depression or anxiety, irregular sex or just over-excitement. PrematureX strikes at the core of these issues by targeting any chemical imbalance that may be blocking the ability to attain calm. With calmness comes control, and beyond that PrematureX delivers an innovative formula of all-natural ingredients to bolster other aspects of nutrition relevant to sex activity.*

A lot of people in the office here didn’t suffer with premature ejaculation like I did, but they still wanted to last longer, and PrematureX is a great option for simply extending your game clock in bed. It works like magic. As stated earlier, PrematureX only takes a couple days to start working and throughout our trials we saw no end to the gradual improvement.  For me the improvement was drastic early on – I was surprised because I have tried many solutions and nothing before has produced such effects – for myself or my partner (she was very pleasantly surprised). And without fail all our staff experienced a prolongation of their control in bed. Taking PrematureX for 3 or more months has resulted in our staffers experiencing permanent control improvement.*

PrematureX Promotional Video

PrematureX Promotional Video


PrematureX Pricing

Starting at $49.99 and available for as low as $25 a box for a 12 month supply.


No discount available at this time


PrematureX Review Final Thoughts

Overall PrematureX is clearly the result of intensive development by a dedicated company and the best solution to a crippling control gap suffered by a huge number of men out there. We rate it “9.8”, “Excellent”.*

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