Male Extra Review

Male Extra
A Gradual Build to Results


Male enhancement means a lot of different things to different people. Male Extra is a pill that addresses some, but not all, of the issues many men are looking to resolve with an enhancement supplement. Male Extra is one of the more expensive supplements on the market at $65 for 1 month/$130 for 2 months’ supply, so we were eager to see if it lived up to the pricetag. The product promises bigger, harder erections, improved libido, and increased staying power. We found these claims to be fulfilled for the most part, though there were some trade-offs. Male Extra is a fairly new company producing male enhancements from the UK and they have a bright future ahead, if they can evolve their product to cover all the bases.


Sexhealth Magazine's rating for Male Extra

  • Performance
  • 9
  • Pricing
  • 7.9

What They Put In, What You Get Out

First off, we can confirm that Male Extra does create results.  We waited for the package to arrive through customs and found it chock-full of pills. We started taking them immediately – three a day, as instructed – and waited. And we waited. The first downside to Male Extra is that it requires a solid 9 days of taking the pill before the effects kick in. Male Extra claims it produces results as fast as possible, but it does have a speedier rival.

Male Extra boasts of containing the natural ingredient of pomegranate, among other leading muscle supplements. The science seems legit and while the effects were definitely noticeable, they weren’t as pronounced as with our top product and there is no attention whatsoever to the issue of premature ejaculation suffered by many men. Also, there is an exercise regimen that must be paired with the pills in order to get the most out of them.


Male Extra Review Final Thoughts

Overall, Male Extra is an effective solution for those with a lot of patience and time to commit to their goals of sexual improvement. We enjoyed a fuller erection and a more active libido over time. However, if you’re looking to solve your sex problems, whatever they may be, with one pill there is a better product out there.