Delay Pills Review

Delay Review


In deciding which staff member to review premature ejaculation solutions, I had drawn the short straw as throughout my life I have suffered with early ejaculation issues. In trying many different products designed to address this issue, I became aware of distinct strengths and weaknesses. Delay aims to target the chemical release of hormones that can result in ejaculation too quickly. The name Delay is somewhat ironic for this product considering the time it takes to start working. While top premature ejaculation products begin working within a couple days in many cases, Delay took much longer for its effects to show themselves.


A staggered Path to Fair Results

Once the effects started to kick in, it was hit or miss for while. It took a couple months of using the pills to eventually gain consistent prolonged control of my ejaculation using Delay. I imagine it’s a product that over a long span of time can work for some users but if you’re looking for something more immediate you’ll want to keep searching. As advertised the effects increased the hardness of my erection and seemed to ease my nerves a bit which helped keep it together in bed a bit longer. The gains weren’t astounding but I was able to go from <2 minutes to around 7 or 8 minutes, which is something.


The Value and Care You Can Expect From Delay

A couple of the issues I have with Delay are the following: two pills are necessary per dose each day. This could have been easily simplified to one. Customer service was also a bit lacking in expertise and organization, both in regards to their own product and premature ejaculation in general. The price on the pills was out of proportion with the effects experienced, especially when there are dramatically effective products available.


Delay Review Final Thoughts

All in all, Delay is a pretty good product in that it doesn’t create any unwanted side effects, it does result in greater control, albeit over a long period of time and somewhat inconsistently until you’ve used up 3+ months of bottles. We have better products to recommend for dealing with premature ejaculation but Delay is definitely 2nd tier.