Product Reviews

All men are not created equal, but we all are endowed with the will to seize control of our fortunes. For some of us, that means reversing the shortcomings we may have inherited or developed in sexual matters. In this section of SexHealthMagazine, we review a variety of products that put the power of your sex life firmly in your hands. We review penis extenders that physically grow your main weapon to increase your partner’s fulfillment. We review male enhancement supplements that confront every dimension of male sexual prowess, from harder erections to greater endurance to repeat recovery. We review pills that tackle the tricky complex of premature ejaculation, an epidemic common among sexually active men. In our reviews, we cover all the bases, but our ratings come down to one thing: results. Read on and take the reins of your sex life back from chance or doubt.

Penis Extender Reviews

Years of innovation and design evolution have taken penis extenders from a post-surgery rehabilitation aid to an empowering tool for the modern man seeking to redeem his sexual prowess. Penis extenders vary in their size and shape, their packaging options, and their functional focus. Some address curvature correction while others claim to increase endurance. All serve the same general end: increase length and girth of nature’s most [critical] endowment.

Penis extenders are marketed in a variety of ways,  and some are blatant spinoffs from the same company seeking an outlet for [uncertain] innovative experimentation. The [shopper] will encounter all manner of packaging, including bonus items such as exercise dvds and complementary pills.

We at SexHealthMagazine review the top products on the market for you according to several parameters such as comfort, pricing, design, quality, customer service, and more… but most importantly we rate the products on results.

Male Enhancement Reviews

Male enhancement means a lot of different things to different people, and the companies covering the bases have to stay on their toes to meet the needs of an ever-growing market. Whether it’s locking down a new lover or shocking and amazing a long-time partner, men are always looking to step up their game in the sack. Some men suffer from truly debilitating sexual frustrations, from erectile dysfunction to premature ejaculation. Some men just want to bring more to the table for their partners. Male enhancement supplement producers make a lot of promises and claims with their products – we here at the SexHealthMagazine roundtable determine who actually delivers the goods.

Our reviews of male enhancement supplements cover all the angles each provider is shooting for, from the plain treatment of E.D., to the reinforcing of firm erections, increasing stamina & endurance, multiplying semen count, magnifying libido, and accelerating recovery time between orgasms. We have rated a lineup of supplements, all based around natural, herbal, drug-free formulas and determined which ones work, how well, how fast, and what side effects and perks – if any – can be expected.

Premature Ejaculation Pills Reviews

Premature ejaculation and interrupted or abbreviated sex is a specific problem, and those of us who struggle with it need a specific, targeted solution. Over 4 times as prevalent as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation is suffered by over 40% of men at some point during their life – and for many of them it is a chronic condition that, left untreated, never goes away. Luckily a market is coming together to provide aid for men whose sexual inclinations cause them to jump the gun between the sheets.

Our resident “quick shot” here at SexHealthMagazine has spent an extensive amount of time reviewing the top premature ejaculation pills and determined a winner, the runners-up, and those pills you would be better off avoiding entirely. If you’re desperate to buy more clock when things get hot with your partner, proceed to our reviews and see which option promises to finally release your full potential.