Silicone Penis Implants: Penis Enlargement for the Rich

A weird new trend in penis enlargement procedures is gaining traction in the United States. An Iranian-American urologist from Beverly Hills, James Elist, had been treating patients who had issues with their penis size for years. In his own words, all the treatments so far have shown to have relatively short-lived results, so he wanted to develop something that will make the effects last forever.

James Elist Silicone Penis ImplantsHe named his invention Penuma: it’s a silicone penis implant that can extend manhood up to several inches. In 2004, the FDA deemed this method safe and gave Elist the green light to start offering it to his patients. Since then, he has performed the procedure on several thousand men, all of whom are very happy with its results. It’s neither cheap nor easy to get the implant – the procedure costs about $13,000 and the California-based Elist is currently the only urologist allowed to perform it in the entire country.

How the Procedure Works

The silicone penis implant comes in three sizes – large, extra large, and extra extra large. Elist jokingly says that no man wants to subject himself to a penis enlargement procedure and go for a small or medium-sized implant. The treatment is performed under a total anesthesia; while the patient is unconscious on the operating table, Elist washes and sterilizes the implant in preparation for the procedure. After carefully studying the patient’s stats, i.e. the size of his penis both when flaccid and erect, he’s ready to start the operation.

From here on out, it’s much like what you’ve seen on one of those reality shows about elective cosmetic surgery. Elist draws a line across the patient’s abdomen with a marker pen and proceeds to make one single incision there, all the while cauterizing and soaking the opening in an antibiotic liquid. He then removes the penis out of its skin wraps the implant around it, attaching it with a hook-like needle right below the head of the penis. Once he’s done he returns the penis in its skin and positions it correctly.

The entire procedure is only 45 minutes long and the effects are felt immediately. While the patient is still unconscious, a simple measuring shows that his flaccid penis is now longer and that his girth has also increased in size. It’s important to state that only circumcised men are eligible for the surgery. As soon as the patient wakes up, he is ready to go home. But as with all other similar procedures, he’s not allowed to have sex for anywhere between four and six weeks until the implant settles in.

Still a Long Way to Go

Elist talks openly about the success rate of his penis enlargement procedure, which he places at about 95 percent. In about three percent of the cases, infections have occurred that needed to be treated, while a very low portion of the men (less than one percent) had suffered from other side effects – the sutures were detached, the implant was broken, or the skin was perforated by the implant. No matter how small this percentage is, Elist carefully studies each case in order to further improve his method.

The large majority of the men who opted for silicone penis implants are extremely happy with its results. According to them, not only has it increased their penis size and its circumference, but it also allows them to have more control of their orgasms. The quality of their sex lives has improved significantly as a consequence. They can last longer in bed, they have more erections on a daily basis than they’ve ever had, and some of them even claim that the procedure has saved their marriages.

As interesting as this all may sound, it’s important to note that this new procedure is still in its very early stages of development. No impartial scientific studies have been conducted in order to test its effects and define the potential risks that are involved with it. Whether you have $13,000 to spare or not, if you’re unhappy with the size of your penis, it’s best to avoid risk and go with one of the proven traditional methods.