Should You Be Interested in Your Partner’s Sexual History?

Does your partner’s sexual history matter to you? Would you feel less of him or her, if you would find out they have been with dozens of people? That particular talk often comes up at the beginning of a relationship, and it often changes its complexity.

When this topic comes up, we must talk about the different reception that men and women get when they talk about their sexual past. Although this tendency is slowly changing, women are still stigmatized for having an eventful sexual history. Conversely, men are usually celebrated, especially by their own sex, and even women tend to tolerate their past more compared to when the roles are reversed. Nevertheless, why do we want to know about it?

Health Concerns

You want to take care of your body, keeping it from harm, and sexually transmitted diseases are a serious risk. As one of the leading causes of health problems in young adults, STDs can vary from very annoying to life threatening, and you really don’t want to take any chances with them. Studies have shown that people, who have been with many partners, have a higher chance of contracting a sexually transmitted disease. Unfortunately, there are various types of STDs that can be contracted through kissing and oral sex, and not even the most careful person can avoid that, because, let’s be honest, these are integral aspects of sex.

Jealousy and Inferiority Complex

So often one feels like they are not good enough for a certain person. Inferiority complex is a serious problem for both sexes. This is not really a condition, more like a mindset, although it can be a symptom of a larger underlying issue. Regardless, when someone feels that way, they often think they are not good enough for their partner, and that inherently includes sex. If you have a low self-worth and sense of self-belief, you may think that you are also not enough sexually. When that is the case, you may not stop there, and start to think about the others before you, who may have been enough for your partner. This is destructive, and you should aim to eliminate that kind of thinking.

You Are Genuinely Interested

Sometimes we love someone because of their past, and not in spite of it. If you think about, a person’s character usually goes through an evolution over the years. Their core qualities are maybe similar to what they were in their late teens or early twenties, but they still change a lot in other aspects of their personality. They have a different opinion on certain issues, and they are usually more capable of developing and maintaining a relationship. If you have a chance to get to know someone really interesting, full of life experiences including sex, don’t be discouraged, because they are interesting because of what happened to them, what they went through over the years. No amount of jealousy should ruin that.

You Want To Figure Out What They Like

Sometimes hearing about someone’s sexual escapades turns us on. If you are a confident and sexually free person, hearing about your partner’s sexual past will probably not turn you off, but the contrary. Hearing what they like is a very exciting thing, especially if you get a chance to test their theory in practice. Sex doesn’t have to be this elusive, transcendental, mysterious experience. Sometimes you want to hear what your partner likes, what they expect from you, and how they expect you to do it. That doesn’t necessarily have to ruin the magic, in fact, if you know what you are doing, this can be a great sexual game between the two of you. In any case, you should not be afraid of your partner’s past, embrace it instead, and understand that the past is the past and that you represent the present and the future.