Five Extreme Sexual Subcultures You Won’t See Every Day

Sexual subcultures are weird and often a little too extreme for the average folk. While it is true that they are not mainstream and probably never going to be part of

traditional sexual culture, the two can overlap from time to time. BDSM is a fetish where the two worlds collide, a sexual subculture that broke into the mainstream long ago. It proves that sometimes a weird or borderline offensive fetish can be legitimized but there are some forms of sexual behaviors that will likely never be able to do the same. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the five arguably most ridiculous fetishes.


SymphorophiliaSymphorophilia is a very controversial phenomenon that many associate with sociopathic behaviors. The term refers to people who are sexually turned on by disasters or accidents. It is not a very appealing condition to say the least but it is nevertheless a part of sexual culture, no matter how deformed it is.

Golden Showers

Golden ShowerThe act of peeing on someone has been a theme in niche adult films since decades. Despite that, it is still not mainstream, and there is very little chance that it will ever happen. Peeing and defecating on someone is considered a vile act by 99,9% of humanity, and for good reasons. Waste contains bacteria that the body tries to rid itself of, and that is the reason of the accompanying smell. Being appalled by it is not just a cultural thing, it is practical, and many would argue even evolutional.

CBT – Cock and Ball Torture

Saying that men don’t enjoy when others target their crotch with the intent of causing pain would be an understatement. Most men even shrivels when they see that kind of stuff in a movie scene. As if all males in the world would have a collective pain receptor that goes off whenever someone gets the short end of the stick. The fact that cock and ball torture is around shows that some males don’t have that reflex, and instead of running the other way, they enjoy when their family jewels are under duress.

The Cock and Ball Torture subculture is part of the BDSN phenomenon, but it’s looked at as extreme even by masochistic standards. There is a very low chance that CBT ever becomes mainstream, and when we consider the potential consequences, this is probably a good thing. Cock and ball torture is very dangerous. The dorsal artery of the penis is a major blood vessel, and the testicles are quite vulnerable to impact. Long-term damage is definitely a possibility.

Pony Play

Pony Play fetishPony play is one of those fetishes that doesn’t really hurt anyone, but still a major head scratcher. Those, who engage in this activity, dress up as horses before their sexual encounter, and even try to imitate the animalistic behavior. The foreplay involves horse jumps and other theme-related activity, and the participants never really lose their costumes, or at least not until they have finished copulating. Pony play is getting more and more popular thanks to its appearance in movies and other form of entertainment but it’s still a laughingstock, and hard to imagine that many people would want to try it for real.


Mummification fetishIf you are a fan of ancient Egypt or you happen to like horror movies, you probably know what mummification is. Or at least you thought so. As it turns out, it’s not simply a defining custom and a way to preserve a body, but also a sexual subculture. As ridiculous as this sound, some people feel sexually aroused when they are mummified. They usually use latex or other similar materials and wrap each other so tight that any movement becomes impossible. The hardcore enthusiasts take it even further. They get mummified from toe to head, having to rely on tubes to get air. People enjoy this niche subculture for one reason, it requires someone to completely surrender their will and put their life into the hands of another human being. Apparently, many find giving up control sexually stimulating.