Essential Tips – Making the Most from Your Penis Extender

A high quality penis extender like the Quick Extender Pro is a great way to increase the size of your penis. Using it correctly isn’t that difficult, though, and there are a few tips that can come in handy that aren’t written in the instructions. So instead of going through the trial and error process simply get to grips with it all here.

Utilizing the Extender

Utilizing the Penis ExtenderThe major tip for making the most out of any penis extender product like this is to make sure that it’s fitted correctly. The reason why so many people end up suffering is due to the fact that they don’t fit it correctly. Some of this is down to a mistake and some of it is down to the fact that the instructions aren’t read prior to use. That’s why it’s critical that the instructions are read as this can eliminate the large majority of problems that arise as a result of poor fitting.

A Brief Guide on how to fit the Penis Extender Properly is Given Below

  •  A dry penis that’s semi-erect is the optimal condition for fitting the extender. Getting it on at the right time is very much down to training and instinct, so don’t worry if it’s slightly off to start with as this won’t cause any damage. As long as the penis isn’t erect then there shouldn’t be any issues.
  •  The ring at the base of the device is where the penis should go through. Do this next.
  •  The comfort pad on the device, of which there should be one, should then be attached and then the strap at the top needs to be secured around the head of the penis.
  •  The traction level then needs to be adjusted to suit the user. In the beginning the lowest setting should suffice.
  •  The extender can then be placed at the head of the penis and the brace adjusted so that the stretching process can begin.

Straps over Loops

Making the most out of a penis extender device comes with making sure that it’s both safe and comfortable. Loops should be avoided at all costs as these are often cheap and they are unnecessarily constricting. The loops are very subtle in the manner that they constrict the blood vessels, so only when the damage is done does the user notice that there’s anything wrong. If the blood is cut off from the tissue then the tissue can wither and die, which can lead to partial amputation of the penis. Straps, on the other hand, are safer as they are designed to be secure without causing any issues.

Length of Use

Avoid wearing the product for over four hours during the first few uses. Remember, the penis isn’t used to the strain that the traction process is putting on it. If it’s used for longer then it can twist and tear the ligaments, which can mean that the user is forced to abstain from using their extender until it heals.

Once the first few uses have gone off without a hitch it’s then possible to wear it for up to six hours at a time. It’s recommended that at least a two-hour break is taken between individual use periods, though.


High quality penis extenders can be worn for hours at a time, which means that they can be used while at work or just relaxing at home. When given the choice, opt for loose fitting clothing that won’t interfere with the extender.

For example, wearing the extender with a suit would be a major mistake. Not only could the clothes interfere and make traction uncomfortable, but it will be impossible to keep the extender discreet. And discretion is something that’s incredibly important for most men.

Rest and Relaxation

Rest & RelaxationWhilst it’s true that a penis extender device can be used each day on a frequent basis, it’s advised that a day is taken off every week to avoid any damage. If used correctly there will be no damage to the penis. When it’s used for too long, however, it can begin to take its toll. That’s why it’s strongly recommended that a day is taken off each week.

Another major reason is that it allows the micro sized tears to heal. If they heal then it gives the penis the chance to rest and it allows new tears to be formed when the product is used again. The results that the man is going to get are going to be better and it’s going to mean that the time taken to extend the penis will be lessened.

Reviews and Recommendations

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