The 10 Strange Sexual Fetishes You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Human sexuality has always been a source of interest. Books and literature dating back to the earliest of times often discuss sex and man’s stranger habits when it comes to Sexual Fetishsexual gratification. Traditionally, society hasn’t discussed sexual fetishes openly but the recent success of books such as ‘Fifty Shades of Grey” along with a variety of movies and television shows have made sexual fetishism a common topic of conversation. Here we’ve gathered together 10 of the stranger fetishes which remain in the shadows, though possibly not for long.

  1. Agalmatophilia – Beyond Real Dolls

Real Dolls made headlines a few years ago as being the most realistic sex dolls available to the public. While most people viewed them with a sense of curiosity, people who engage in agalmatophilia had a much keener interest. Agalmatophilia has traditionally referred to people who engage in sexual or emotional intercourse with mannequins specifically, but the term literally refers to anyone with feelings for a statue or doll.

  1. Pygophilia – Baby Got Back

The Thong Song, Baby Got Back and of course the new remix Anaconda all have one thing in common – Pygophilism. Many men have an appreciation for a woman’s rear, and for those who find themselves unable to focus on anything else, pygophilia is their label of choice.

  1. Stygiophilia – Feels so Good to Be So Bad

It’s no secret that where some see sin, others see fun. Stygiophilia takes this to an extreme and recognizes that some people find the thrill simply in the threat of eternal damnation. Stygiophilia embraces that and is a community for people who find arousal in talk about fire, brimstone and the idea of a fiery eternity.

  1. Actirasty – Sun Worshippers Get Kinky

There are a number of health benefits to being out in the sun. Research has found that time spent outdoors and in direct sunlight can help to alleviate depression, anxiety and even reduce stress. Fans of actirasty, however, take this to new heights. They find sexual arousal from the sun and consider it the ultimate aphrodisiac.

  1. Knismolagnia and Titillagnia – Laughter is the Best …. Turn On?

Who doesn’t love a good tickle-fest? Knismolagniacs not only love it, the get absolutely turned on and taken to the edge by being tickled or engaging in tickling others.

  1. Melissaphilia – Birds and the Bees … Bust Mostly the Bees 

When most people see bees or wasps they turn and run the other way. But melissaphiliacs do just the opposite. They find sexual stimulation from bees, wasps other stinging insects.

  1. Katoptronophilia – Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

There was a time when putting a mirror on your bedroom ceiling was very stylish. Granted, this was in the 1970s when many of America’s decisions were influenced by disco balls and polyester. Katoptronophiliacs, on the other hand, couldn’t have been happier – they can’t get enough when it comes to watching themselves in a mirror while having sex.

  1. Objectophilia – When You really Love That House

People who fall in love with objects, such as buildings, aren’t terribly common but thanks to the efforts of Erika Eiffel, they are becoming more widely known and understood. Eiffel married her one true love – The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France – in 2007 and a year later, she founded OS Internationale, a group to help spread information and education about Objectophilia.

  1. Lithophilia – Rock On

Lithophilia is when people become sexually aroused from granite, stone or other types of rock Given how popular granite countertops have become, couples who christen every surface in a home may find themselves with a bit of Lithophilism if they have granite in each room.

  1. Psellismophilia – Say it Again

People with a stuttering problem don’t often consider themselves seductive orators. But for Psellismophilias the stutter is the sexiest thing in the world.

These fetishes show the breadth and variety that human sexuality encompasses. While some fetishes may strike us as being silly or frivolous, it’s important to remember that each one is the object of affection for someone and, in this way, it’s proof that there really is someone for everyone.